This is the second piece of the multi-blade slicer series designed by Odiist Creative Solutions, an industrial design company which has been collaborating with us on kitchen utensils projects. 


Light blue and yellow green, delightful hues stands out through the translucent case. This is not the usual slicer you will find on the shelf of Tesco. We present you Quadruplets, the new multi-blade slicer for home and travel. 


Quadruplets was designed for kitchen utensils developer EAT Shine as the second piece of the multi-blade slicer series and now being presented at Frankfurt 2019.

Eye-catching colors and unconventional shape refreshed the common ideas about kitchen utensils. Quadruplets creates a sense of fun visually and functionally. You can match your blades with cases of different colors and transparency. 


Quadruplets has four blades, each with different usage: two peelers for both soft skin fruits and normal vegetables, and two slicers for cutting julienne, thin and thick ones respectively. With the thoughtful design, Quadruplets keeps your hand from the blades while changing blades. 

The biggest highlight of Quadruplets is its portability. ODIIST designed the case to prevent cutting when users carrying it around. The design not only saves up spaces but also easy to clean. Made of food grade plastic and stainless steel, Quadruplets is the best choice for family and dishwasher safe.